Are you ready to step up?

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A pathway to farm business ownership


The south west of Victoria is home to hundreds of dairy farm businesses, from small family farms to large corporates.  Sitting happily in the middle, with established, profitable businesses, are a number of our clients, milking 400-800 cows.  We have a number of clients actively  seeking  intelligent, trained and experienced dairy people to take on operational management roles within their businesses – and are keen to explore and offer pathways to profit sharing or joint business ownership with successful candidates.

These opportunities are not just about a getting a job – they are about bringing new blood into established businesses, along with energy, enthusiasm and new ideas.  Options to grow wealth and buy into increasing shares of the farm business will be explored, while you apply and develop your existing operational and business management skills, with support from successful owner operators.  Ideally, when the owners are ready to step away, you will be ready to step up.

If you are serious about a future in dairy beyond just a job, and you think you have what it takes to step up, please send your resume laying out your employment experience, any relevant formal training you have undertaken, and a cover letter expressing your interest to


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